I’m absolutely so serious about this, I can’t say it enough!!!

We all want things. And very often the things that we want will change with time. What we desire will morph & evolve, how much we desire will ebb & flow, but there are two constants in all of this:



It sounds so simple when put like that, but we all know that’s not the case. It’s always easier said than done, as they say. But let’s explore number two further and we can discuss number one another day. I’m going to go on a tear, listing out all kinds of examples to solidify what I’m attempting to instill into y’all’s brains, in a minute, but before I do I’m going to preface with the following.

THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES! There’s exceptions to exceptions to the rules. And it’s easy to get lost in a mindset of “hey, I’m giving it my all, how come the universe hasn’t delivered the thing(s) I’m working so hard for?! This ‘get what you give’ stuff must be a bunch of bullshit!” But IT’S NOT BULLSHIT, and if you find yourself slipping into that frame of thought, SNAP OUT OF IT! THINGS TAKE TIME. For a quick example, if you aren’t in the physical shape that you’d like to be in, you can’t just jump into some random fad diet & then wonder two weeks later why you haven’t made any progress, or attained any of your new fitness goals. It just doesn’t usually work that way with getting what you give. You need to GIVE ENOUGH TIME TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!! As for the example above, and with most situations in life, it’s complex! There’s several reasons why in our example person was met with failure, besides just not giving it time. But time is the most important variable in all of this. Doing the homework & research, being present, being vulnerable & open, putting in infinite amounts of effort, being malleable and sharing your process with others, specifically those you love in your life, are all other super important variables in getting what you give as well. Simply put, if you want to squeeze as much delicious juice out of the fruit of life as you possibly can my friends, then you’ve got to GIVE IT YOUR ALL, AND THEN SOME!!!

If you want to be HAPPY more often, get out into the world and make others happy!

If you want HONESTY & open COMMUNICATION in your relationships, then always be honest & open, don’t hold back! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO HOLD BACK!!

If you want a raise at your job, then do the job that’s worth the pay you’re looking for, or more! Also SPEAK THE FUCK UP! People can’t be expected to, and generally aren’t going to read our minds. So make what you want known!

If you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, start now! GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF BEGINNING! Who cares where you start, just make the conscious choice to get the ball rolling! Make your change begin, stay kind with yourself and remember things take time!

If you want to feel your ENDORPHINS rush from your workout, then push yourself harder than you think you can and don’t give up! Give it your all and when your brain screams “I can’t”, listen to your heart & it will tell you “YES YOU CAN!!!“!

If you want to feel loved and appreciated, LOVE and APPRECIATE the people in your life!

If you want to become the best & MOST EPIC VERSION OF YOURSELF that is humanly possible, before your time is up, YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT!! And there’s always more inside of us, ALWAYS!!!

If you want to be a WINNER in your life, you absolutely have to expose yourself to the possibility of failing. If you want to be a winner you have to remember that winners are usually the people that have “failed” the most. But with each failure they made a conscious decision to continue trying, to try harder, to give it their all, AGAIN & AGAIN!!! WINNERS UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF TIME & EFFORT. Winners at life have the title of this blurb embedded in their hearts, minds, and souls y’all.

YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE, at your job, at the gym, in your relationships with yourself, your friends, your loved ones, in regards to personal growth, & basically in every single aspect of your life.




Happy 1st day of the rest of your life!!

<3 Swedish Dave

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