Life is such an amazing and beautiful thing. The time we are each gifted, to exist on this planet and in this reality, is so absolutely precious, it’s nothing short of priceless. And yet, so many of us wander through life, just going through the motions, without purpose or meaning. Sometimes we get fed up with the sensation of a meaningless existence and begin looking fruitlessly to “find ourselves”. It remains fruitless because in this existence we are each the architects of our own realities and if you spend your time trying to find what’s already inside of you, you will remain forever lost. The thing that so many people are trying to find is already inside of them, it’s inside of you, and always has been! There is a way to tap into this positive and powerful force inside of you, and when you do, your impact on the world will be exponential. Creating your most powerful headspace is the goal. And it’s my ultimate goal to make the world a better place, starting with my headspace!

I’ve developed a way of living, a mindset & reality, where creating one’s truest and most authentic self is both straight forward & attainable! It’s absolutely life changing & super empowering! Search no more my friends- You’ve found what you’ve been looking for. My name is Swedish Dave, and I can help you to unlock the most powerful version of yourself- An absolute powerhouse of a human, a person that is radiating with happiness, confidence, self-control, and purpose. You can become more powerful than you could possibly ever imagine, and I can help you!

Make the World a better place, starting with your Headspace!

Swedish Dave

Stop floating down the stream and just going with the flow- Take control of your fucking life and dig into what I’ve created for myself, which I’m now sharing with whoever is willing to take the leap. Jump with me my friends- you’ll thank yourself later, I guarantee it! Don’t say “ok, one day”, because the special occasion you’ve waited for is here god damn it! It’s called your life and it’s happening right now! Today is the day! Choose Today as DAY ONE!

Start by reading some of my blog posts and lets go from there. Also, stay tuned for my book to be released- Currently a work in progress!

MORE ABOUT ME: Over a decade ago I was diagnosed as suffering from Anxiety & Bipolar Disorder. I had lived my entire life feeling hopeless and confused by the symptoms, mainly when I was in a low, but suddenly there was a name, and a “reason” for it. This didn’t help much though. Like “Ok cool, my brain’s fucked up. What can I do about that?!” As a result of the diagnosis, I was put on a whole slew of medications, and for a year, that I don’t really remember, I was basically a numb robot- a shallow shell of the person I was inside. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, I had a moment of clarity, which I’m extremely grateful for. I decided I’d rather experience my demons head on, and take the amazing times being fully aware that experiencing the opposite would be the cost. Life is too short, and too precious in my mind, to go through it numb! I was born with chemical imbalances in my brain, which makes navigating life extra hard, at times making it feel hopeless & impossible, and I’m sure you can imagine where those thoughts can quickly take someone. Despite all the pain and inner turmoil, I have chosen to stay positive, optimistic and grateful, and in doing so I’ve found the strength to persevere!

My name is Swedish Dave, and my ultimate goal, my motto for life, the purpose I’ve chosen for myself, is to make the world a better place because I lived. Realizing that I could do this most effectively by starting with My own Headspace was the first step. If you constantly focus on personal growth & progression, in your body, mind & soul, you will always deliver an exponentially larger positive effect on those around you, and therefore the World.

There’s so much more, but I’m saving it for my book! Until then check back for a new blog posts, which will always come straight from my optimistic mind and grateful heart, to yours. Life man… It’s only once in a lifetime, so let’s make it count!!

<3 SD