Happiness Consulting

I am your biggest cheerleader, your hype man, your outrageously positive motivator, your body, mind & soul progression life coach!

With a philosophy based in optimism & gratitude, a toolkit of life hacks & a can-do attitude, I can help you get on your most authentic path! This is your personal journey & it produces happiness & peace of mind at the deepest of levels! Life’s a crazy game, but we can choose to be ready for the curve-balls when they’re thrown our way. Let’s all kill it at life, & let’s do it together! Heads up, smiles on y’all!!

Happiness Consulting Prices

  • $50/hr – Base rate
  • FaceTime or Skype appointments. – Base rate (for 1 hour or longer)
  • In person meet-up appointments. – 1.5x Base rate (for 1 hour or longer)
  • 10 minute Phone call consultation appointment – 1/4 Base rate

*For appointments in time blocks less than an hour – time of appt. in minutes x1.3 = $ amount.
*Prior to a first time in-person appointment a qualifying FaceTime or Skype call is required.
Happiness Consulting: Life Coaching with a focus on overall wellness, in the body, mind, and soul!