⚡️ B A C K ON T R A C K ⚡️

Looking back, but only for a moment!

Looking back at that last decade has got me feeling a bit shell shocked, but thankfully it’s net positive. I’ve ebbed and flowed, thankfully more of the latter than the former, even though I’ve been ebbing what feels like the majority of this year. It’s ok though. 2020 is gonna be fucking awesome! And it’s gonna be awesome because we’re all going to MAKE IT so. EYE am going to make it so. I WILL get back on track. I am presently getting back on track. And I will BE GRATEFUL FOR THE ENTIRE PROCESS. I will remember it’s not about being perfect, but IT IS ABOUT BEING PRESENT for each of my priceless moments I’m lucky enough to be alive, conscious & well!

To be a little more clear about getting back on track- I’m specifically referring to my physical fitness goals. And the reasons I’m so obsessed with physical fitness are plenty, but the overarching theme being A HEALTHY BODY MAKES FOR A HEALTHY MIND. It’s science, & my mind needs all the help it can get! ?

A little more about the process, the journey, & progression: What if we were all born Spartans, and we didn’t have to do anything to achieve our bodies optimal fitness levels? As great as that may sound on the outside, I believe it would absolutely suck. It would suck because if we didn’t have to do any work, we’d be robbed of the process. We’d be robbed of our own personal fitness journey’s. And what a shame that would be! Watching ourselves, & feeling ourselves make progress, produces the beautifully visceral feelings of pride, happiness, excitement, and peace of mind! And who doesn’t want those things?

So in 2020, don’t be scared of hard work and determination. Sometimes things you want take a seriously long ass time, & consistency, to create. But the harder it is, and the longer you have to fight for it, the better you’ll feel when you finally get there!!! Peace out 2019, thanks for everything! And hey 2020, it’s so good to see you!!!

With all the love,


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