Sometimes life wrecks you, but other times you wreck your life singlehandedly.. Sometimes you have misunderstandings so intense that coming completely unraveled is what results, despite your greatest efforts to maintain composure. Ftr, alcohol & drugs don’t help any of this. They make it way worse.

Acknowledging the truth of the matter is super important though, and it’s the first step to bouncing back. What the bounce back will look like, and what it will be, is something completely different from what and where you were before, but it’s always better, with the right mindset. No regrets ever. Never ever.

What’s the “right” mindset?? It’s growth oriented, positive, grateful, OPTIMISTIC, kind, truly forgiving and self loving. Now I understand we can’t always be in that kind of headspace, and trust me- I would know. And thats “fine”, because it’s more than okay to feel shitty af, especially when you are the only one to blame for your life being in shambles. But we always have the opportunity to step back, or rise up, to gather perspective and understand that we can feel our shitty fucking feelings, and it’s okay to do so, but we can also have HOPE of something better to come. That’s the right mindset. And sure, it doesn’t come easy my friends, but guess what? Practice makes permanent. It’s all a part of the beautiful JOURNEY.

Happy New Weeks Day y’all!

<3 SD

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