It happens. I mean case in point- It’s only been three weeks since I promised y’all that I’d deliver a new and MOTIVATING blurb, once a week, every New Weeks Day (Monday), and here I am already like “wtf should I write about, I’ve got nothing!”. Hang with me though, cause I’ll be able to spin this the way I want it. Power of the Mind is real. It is REAL AF, and there it is. Just. Like. That!

START WITH MUSIC! (I’m putting in my ear buds right now)

That’s right, START WITH MUSIC! Why you may ask? Well what the hell else has the power of music?! Nothing does! Not if you’re anything like me, and let’s not get into semantics on this one. In this context, for kicking a fat dose of INSPIRATION back into your mopey ass, as quickly as possible, and at many times what feels like instantaneously (if you choose the right song), TURN ON YOUR MUSIC! And make it LOUD!

If you just take a second to look into your memory banks, you’ll know, you’ll remember, it’s true! So grab your ear buds, crank up the volume on your home entertainment system, or try to shatter your car windows from the power of what you’re blasting! Sing along! At the top of your fucking lungs! Then just bask, for a second, in the amazing feels of all that powerful energy you just pulled out of your beautiful ass!!!

Now don’t waste a moment longer- not one precious, priceless second, and GET TO IT! Get to what?! You know what! Your goals, your list, your plan, your person, whatever it is that you know you want and need to do. This is where it gets nebulous, but don’t be discouraged my friends. This is your opportunity to remind yourself to be present, close your eyes, and as that music does it’s work, shaking your core with raw emotion & power, you’ll know what your next step needs to be.

Don’t forget to set yourself up for success, by removing barriers to your progression. That energy you’re harnessing from your tunes won’t last forever. So fuel yourself! Here’s a few of my current go-to’s that I generally always have available for quick and easy access: Zero sugar protein bars , BCAA/energy drink powder & zero sugar energy kick to the face from a can!

After some good deep breaths, putting some energy into your veins always makes your next move feel that much more possible!

Get after it y’all, and HAPPY NEW WEEKS DAY!!! XD

With love, optimism, & gratitude,

Your Swedish D.


Do you ever feel like everything is going smoothly, you’re living your best life, you’ve got all of your goals lined up and you’re just blowing them out of the water- everything’s going just the way you want them to, when SUDDENLY, and for no apparent reason, YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE ABOUT TO FALL APART?!! Morale plummets, you start getting hot flashes, thoughts get out of control or perhaps you’re unable to even formulate thoughts because of your sudden debilitative state. Out of what seems absolutely nowhere there’s panic, trepidation, confusion and perhaps even anger taking up your headspace. Then, while trying desperately to take stock in all the things going well for you, you realize that there’s nothing to be melting down about?!! For me, this absolutely just adds fuel to the fire- like “there’s NO REASON for this sudden depression in my mood! WTF!!?”! If there’s no “reason”, then how can I even begin to “fix” it? That’s when hopelessness kicks in, which of course compounds the meltdown, and the spiral downward becomes quicker and quicker, deeper & deeper..

If this ever happens to you, FIRST BREATHE! Take some bigass deep breaths- If ever in doubt, breathe it out! Then, after your breath has helped to calm you, even just a little, use this moment to think some simple thoughts. The first one for me is always “how’s my blood sugar level”? Am I just undernourished, calorie deficient, and having a blood sugar crash?? Sometimes stopping your meltdown is just as easy as feeding yourself. So do yourself a favor & always have some quick snacks available for you to grab without much effort.

Once fed, if you’re still in meltdown mode, take a personal inventory & tick the boxes, write it down. I’ve found writing things down always helps pretty much any situation happening in my brain. Put it in front of you so that you can see it, interact with it, make it tangible and put it out there into the universe:

-Are you actually well fed & fueled up?

-Have you had enough sleep?

-Are you hydrated and drinking water?

-Have you recently stopped taking supplements or medication?

-Have you recently begun taking new supplements of medication?

We can’t control many things that life will throw our way, but we can always control how we choose to respond. This includes SUDDEN MELTDOWNS!Being able to respond with optimism in your mind and gratitude in your heart is always the optimal choice. However, doing so can be difficult, and even feel impossible if we haven’t taken care of our base needs.

Remove your barriers! Eliminate your excuses! Get out of your own way and give yourself a hand instead! SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS & get busy living, or you’re just getting busy dying. Remember what I mentioned earlier- we can’t control many things life throws our way, but we can choose how to respond. And it’s always a million times easier to respond to life’s challenges if we’ve taken care of our base needs. It’s the first place to start, and luckily, sometimes, it’s all we need. Let’s kill it at life you guys! We’ve got this!!

Check out my current Quick Fuel-ups which I generally always have available. They’ve warded off a few potential full meltdowns, and I imagine they will in the future too: Eats! & Drinks! & More Drinks!

Now go have the best FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! And, as always, Happy New Weeks Day!

<3 Your Swedish Dave

We All Screw Up!

swedish dave

We all screw up. And sometimes we screw up so hard that it feels like something we could never recover from. But I’m here to tell you that is never the case! You can always bounce back! And YOU CAN BOUNCE BACK STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE! Physically, mentally, & spiritually. This is absolutely one hundred percent the truth. It’s actually just up to you what you want, where you want to be, and where you want to go. I know it’s way easier said than done.

Believe me, I’ve screwed up so absolutely hard, and so many times, that I know exactly how easy it is to cower away in the corner, hide from everyone in your life that cares, and just feel sorry for yourself. But where does that get you? Typically it perpetuates a horrible cycle where you spiral deeper and deeper into a hole your authentic self never wanted anything to do with. So, instead of doing those self defeating things, use these moments of turmoil as opportunities to supercharge your personal growth! USE the ADVERSITY in your life TO FUEL YOUR inner FIRE! But HOW?

Sometimes you’ve just gotta GET PISSED OFF! Sometimes you gotta get IRATE to do the hard shit you know you need to in order to grow, level up, progress, & just be true to your heart. And when you’re in a place in your life where you’ve done something that you’re ashamed of, this is the perfect time to do just that! Fucking SCREAM!!! What is it that you want anyways?? It’s definitely not to be where you’re at, feeling the way that you do!

In summary my friends, if you want something in life, but you do nothing about it, eventually, sooner or later, your lack of movement in the direction you wish you were heading will manifest itself as sadness, depression, anger, & perhaps even as extreme as self loathing. When in those situations it’s definitely the easiest option to wallow, feel sorry for yourself, and spiral further into the abyss of your own making. But, we always have the option to look at our situations in life optimistically & with a growth minded perspective. So, if you’ve fallen short in an aspect or two in your life, & you’re feeling bad about it, turning that negativity into some POSITIVE RAGE is exactly what you need to get back on track. Try it out! That rage can pack a serious punch! It can be exactly the jet fuel you’ve needed for your blast-off from where you don’t want to be, back to where you want to be- Where you know you can be if you only believe! BELIEVE. CONQUER. ACHIEVE. Let’s do this thing!

Happy New Weeks Day, everyone!!

Who Do You Want To Be??

Who Are You presently?? Are you proud of what you’ve been creating? Whether the answer to that is yes or no, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME? And even more specifically, I’m asking you what does the most premiere version of yourself look like to YOU? And are you ready to start creating that someone?!!

Don’t say no! Life is too short!! Your time is so precious, it’s absolutely priceless, so there’s no time to waste! Begin now, this very second! You have the power within yourself to alter the course of the universe which you are living in, and of which you are the ultimate creator! Don’t second guess yourself in regards to this. You are absolutely in control of your life. Sure at times, it may seem like anything but, but listen to me. The things you do on a regular basis are the building blocks of your reality, and sure sometimes life throws you curveballs, but you’re always still in control because it’s not what’s thrown your way that counts, it’s how you react that dictates your present reality & your future. And you are always in control of how you act, react, and live your life!  You can have, be, do, and become whatever and whoever you want! But first, you just have to believe.

Believe in yourself! Trust yourself! And then Love yourself enough to Show yourself!!! This is the place to start, exactly where you are right now, and it’s absolutely the right time! In fact, it has never been more ripe of a moment for you to take absolute control of your life, and to take yourself to your next level, than now! Let’s all “level up” together! YES, WE CAN!!!

Together let’s begin by remove any suffocating “shoulds” from our minds and vocabularies– I’m not saying to not make rules for yourself which will serve your highest cause & purpose, but to reframe them, in order to set yourself up for success. Instead of “I should do this”, which can feel super self-defeating at the times when you can’t deliver, say things like “I would do well to do this”. Feel the relief, and watch yourself succeed, blossom and grow, with this simple word and thought shift! Set yourself up for your version of success, with a balance of holding yourself accountable, but also being generous, forgiving, and always keeping self-love in the focus of your mind’s eye.

It’s not so much what you do, but how often you do it, which determines who you are at present & where you’re headed. Hopefully, you’ve chosen to believe in yourself, and you’ve started creating the absolutely amazing powerhouse of a human that you know deep down you can be. But don’t forget to keep that self-love and generosity, for yourself, at the forefront of your perspective. It’s easy to listen to others and get distracted from your own truth. Take the information that comes from anywhere other than your heart with a grain of salt. Stay true to your inner instincts, keep optimism and positivity in the forefront of your mind, gratitude in your hearts, and begin creating a reality so thick that no one can deny it! Your day is today. Your time is now!!

<3 SD