Jammin’ in the wild! Music + Nature = True Bliss!!

I’m a firm believer in the absolute BEAUTY, healing, growth nurturing, supportive, perspective building and loving power of MOTHER NATURE! I believe in its power to calm, its boundless energy, its wonder, its comfort, its perseverance, its ability to help each of us open up our minds eyes to such broad and all encompassing views on life in general, and in specific. I believe in Mother Natures LOVE the most; and I LOVE her back!

I also believe in the POWER of MUSIC! Its BEAUTIFUL, all of it! And it’s amazing the kind of experiences you can create for yourself when you’re present enough to stack the odds in your favor and build yourself a “sandwich” of self care. In this case the top piece of bread is my brain, the bottom piece my heart, the toppings inside: Mother Nature & Music, among other things, obviously, and the sandwich as a whole, so completely nourishing my SOUL! I highly recommend taking a bite or two. But you’ve got to make your self care sandwich first!

Music is so therapeutic, and coupled with being out in nature whilst enjoying and even creating the music you’re hearing and sharing = Exponentially beneficial self love and care!

Here’s a pic of me attempting to play harmonica and guitar, at the same time, whilst basking in the delightful & overwhelming glory of Mother Nature herself! But please, allow me to continue to ramble..

I was looking over some of my past posts on the Gram, and found a little blurb I found relevant to this topic. So please enjoy, and comment if you feel the urge to!

WHAT is BEAUTY? Is it in the eye of the beholder, or is that bullshit? I personally believe that beauty can be found anywhere & everywhere- to me it’s a mindset. Am I looking at the world through a conditioned perspective, with the media & brainwashed people telling me what is and isn’t pretty?? Or am I staying TRUE to MYSELF, focusing daily on finding even the smallest morsel of beauty, in the depths of all the classified ugly. Life after all is what we make of it. PERSPECTIVE.

Perspective is everything! Perspective, which we all have the opportunity to control, dictates our world view. Why not chose to see the beauty?! The grass may be greener on the other side, but you’re HERE NOW! Be here intentionally and focus on what’s good- it’s so easy to point out the “ugly”, but it’s the hard things in life that are the things most worth doing! Also, lets not forget, THE GRASS IS THE GREENEST WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO WATER IT CONSISTENTLY!!!

Love yall! Happy July!!

<3 Swedish

2 Replies to “WHAT IS BEAUTY?!!”

  1. 😭🌱🎻 💚 – this post in Beauty.
    It’s like nature and music both know all the rules of art and constantly break them in order the create the biggest and best symphony of all time. Life!! Then we get to chose if we want to join in on the party.
    Bravo – thank you SO MUCH for sharing 💛

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