I don’t talk a whole lot about my tattoos, and when I do it’s usually about how much I love them & my artists in general. But every now and then I’m prodded for more information, and however they’re worded all the questions can usually be boiled down to “what do they mean?”, and “do you regret any of them?”. So here’s the answer:

I regret none of them, and quite the contrary, I LOVE THEM ALL!! And they all “mean” something… Suuure! Even if the meaning of that one tattoo was that I was really drunk, picked something off the wall, pointed to my leg and said “put it there!”. On the other hand, if it was a “well thought out” sleeve that took years to create, what was behind all of that?? So so much, or perhaps so so little… Plenty of friend tats, spontaneous ink, & ink just for the sake of ink.

At the end of the day though, every drop of ink on my body tells a STORY, a story which some would call worthwhile & others worthless. Whichever is the case for you, I could still rattle your ears off for days about what’s going on on my body, but I shall spare you. I do however have one point to get across.

Life is too short for regrets! I believe if you wallow in regret, of the things you’ve done in your past, then you regret the person you are today. Because your collective past choices and life experiences have made what you are currently today! Think about that! I have, I do constantly, & I have no regrets! Don’t get me wrong, I have unlimited “learning experiences” under my belt, of things that I’ve done which I’m not proud of, but regretting them wouldn’t change the past, it would only poison my future. REGRET WON’T CHANGE THE PAST, IT WILL ONLY POISON YOUR PRESENT & FUTURE LIFE EXPERIENCE.

So whenever I go in for more ink, I’m never wondering if I may regret what I was about to get, in the future, even if I didn’t know what I was going to get yet! When you’re getting blasted, in that current moment, I would argue it’s exactly what you want. So enjoy that snapshot of who you were, for the rest of your life! There’s no productive use in regretting the beautiful permanent memories, & learning experiences that you give to yourself.

So let’s forget about that regret question- it’s not relevant. Let’s replace it with something productive like “did you learn anything from that experience?” And as for that skulls MEANING specifically, feel free to HMU if you wanna know!

With only Love, and no regret,

Swedish D

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