GET STOKED God Damn it! For all we know this only happens once!! (LIFE)

The most spectacular, amazing, and mindbogglingly AWESOME thing you get to experience is your actual LIFE! All of it! Your life is the most special of occasions, and It’s happening RIGHT NOW! In fact, it’s flying by right before your very eyes. What are you going to do before it’s over, who’s lives will you touch, and will you make the world a better place, because YOU LIVED, before you’re gone??!!

LIFE IS so SHORT y’all. It really is, which is why it’s such an epic tragedy when we find ourselves dwelling in a state of procrastination, stagnation, and lack of drive to seize and make the most of our absolutely priceless moments. Presently, science hasn’t provided us with the luxury of immortality, so the fact remains that we will all most likely die. It sounds depressing, but it’s really not. It’s BECAUSE of this very fact that LIFE IS SO VALUABLE! It is so valuable because it could end for any of us at any moment.

Last year 3 people close to me died. One from cancer. One from a surprise heart attack. One from suicide. They all passed away in different ways, but they all had some things in common. They were people that meant a lot to me, they were my friends, they were my family, I loved each of them, and they all reached out to me before their deaths. One reached out to hang out, one to talk and catch-up over the phone, and one to “grab a beer like them good ‘ol days”. But “I’m busy” I said, “I’m booked out”, “maybe next month we can figure something out”, I ASSUMED there was time. Two of the 3 beautiful people I’m talking about weren’t even sick. And the beautiful person that was, well she had time- The doctors even said so. So, I THOUGHT I had time, I thought I’d see them all again, and not just once, but many times before any of our lives ended, but I was wrong.

I didn’t get to see any of them before they died.

The sadness, depression, and absolute anguish I experienced because of these amazing humans tragic ends was made infinitely worse because of the guilt & shame I felt, for not making time for these people who meant so much to me. They each reached out to me and I was “too busy”. I’m not going to dwell on this- I’m sure you understand how I must have felt. So here is the positive spin on this, and there’s always a positive spin, with an optimistic mindset!

The positive spin is the title of this post. THE SPECIAL OCCASION is YOUR LIFE! The positive spin is this visceral reminder that time isn’t promised to any of us! We would all do well to keep this near to our hearts and at the forefront of our minds, to maximize our moments with our loved ones, to spend time with the people who uplift us and we them, and to always remember that prioritizing the truly important things in our lives is the way to live a life free from regret.

So next time you think a nice thing about someone you care about, give them a call- because who knows if you’ll ever have the chance to again. Life is too short to hold back, so get stoked and get out there and get others stoked too! For all we know we only have this one LIFE, so let’s MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Let’s make the most of it together, while we still can!!

Happy New Weeks Day!


<3 SD

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