I’m very grateful, but I want so much more. I’m torn in 2, so what ‘should’ I do?

I talk a lot about the importance of being grateful, both for what’s in our lives, as well as for what’s happening in our lives. I talk about it a lot because I struggle with it myself, and quite often I might add!

Speaking in general terms, as I generally do, we want perfection, we want this or that goal to be attained now, we want more money, that new job or gig, we want to find “our person”, our people, our tribe, to not feel lonely, to thrive, to have confidence, to quit having to “fake it” because we’ve actually finally “made it”. And we WANT IT ALL NOW!

When we spiral down this thought pattern, and forget how important the journey is, despite the destination, is when remembering to be GRATEFUL helps to us to get back on track to a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Training ourselves & learning to automatically celebrate the little wins along the way, whilst of course being aware of the future, but PRESENT in our priceless moments, is pivotal to increased happiness and a sense of well-being.

So how do we do all of that? How do we stay positive & grateful when it feels like we’re being fucking torn in two?! Like, I’m super grateful for all the good in my life, but I’m super bent out of shape about all the shit I’m not cool with in my life!! So what’s the answer??

GRATITUDE is the answer!! And like every worthwhile character trait, it takes PRACTICE. PRACTICE makes permanent and it’s just a matter of staying CONSISTENT. Brainstorm tips and tricks of ways to remind yourself that there is always a positive way to look at even the most shitty of circumstances! And if you can’t, that’s OK. It’s OK to be sad, to feel those feelings, and to release them, but let’s not dwell on them! It’s not good for anyone, much less ourselves. Take the time you need to be bummed the fuck out and then pick yourself up! And try for sooner than later! You’re powerful af and YES YOU CAN!! AND GRATITUDE IS THE KEY, a key we each posses, to unlocking positivity and a whole new world of awesome and empowering possibilities. It’s just a matter of pulling that baby out and and sticking it where it counts!!

One final thought: THE GRASS IS GREENEST WHERE YOU WATER IT!!! Don’t ever forget that–> It’s one of the most EPIC LIFE HACKS!!!

If we practice consistent GRATITUDE, for where we are in our lives, & actually watered the ground we’re presently standing on, rather than continually searching for “something better”, can you even imagine the possibilities??!!! XD

Love ya’ll!

Swedish Dave

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