Here it is quick and simple:

Do you want something? I certainly hope so. Because if you don’t, chances are you’re dead. But YOU. ARE. ALIVE! So what do you want?! And how are you going to get it!? Is the thought of going for your dreams too heavy to handle? Have you been putting it off? When are you going to START to pursue your ultimate goals and highest self!?

Put a picture of what you want on your phone home screen. Put a poster up in your pad. Put up a ton of posters, framed or not! Make your work computer screen display an image of what you’re going for! Make all of your devices reek of what it is that you want! Fucking set yourself up for SUCCESS by reminding yourself CONSTANTLY!!!

I never had a visible six-pack of abs growing up. But I always wanted it god damn it! I put it off for years and years until finally I had had enough! I put photos of Brad Pitt, portraying Tyler Durdan, in Fight Club, all over the place, EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t be free of it. And guess what eventually happened?…

Now stop making excused and fucking GET TO IT!!!

K, love ya! HAPPY New Weeks Day!!

Yours truly, Swedish Dave

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