– S O B E R I N G – D E C I S I O N S –

I have chosen to live a sober lifestyle, again, for the millionth time, on 6/12/19. But this time I MEAN BUSINESS! It’s been 12 weeks today, and I’m going STRONG!!!

Part of me wants to drink, drug, party & live a reckless & bohemian lifestyle. Another part wants to be sober & live a life focused on overall wellness. And I’VE CHOSEN the latter. (Sure there are plenty of lifestyle options in-between those two, but for so many reasons, I’m not interested.)

I want to listen to everyone who tells me I can drink moderately & agree with them. But I also want to tell all of them to go fuck themselves, because they don’t get it. I HAVE CHOSEN to listen to my heart, to be kind to everyone despite their opinions on this matter, and remove myself from any situations that aren’t conducive to my growth and attaining my goals.

I want to have all the free time and just frolic and romp in the hills. I want to work 80+ hours a week to create the life I want in the future. I HAVE CHOSEN to forego some pleasures now, as an investment in a future of more.

I want to run & climb to the top of a mountain and fucking SCREAM! I want to chill in a meadow, have a picnic & read. I HAVE CHOSEN to do both as much as possible!

I want to call a past lover and tell them I think we could make it work! I want to keep distant, & let time & space work its healing magic. I HAVE CHOSEN the latter, though I’m torn down the fucking middle…

I believe everyone is always doing exactly what they want to be doing, even if they say the opposite. If you’re doing something that you say you don’t want to do, that really makes no sense if you think about it! You obviously want to do it more than any other option you’ve identified, for that specific situation, and for whatever reason, but usually because of what your present actions would mean for your future. WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING, IT WAS YOUR CHOICE TO DO IT. Nobody can force you to do anything. And once we realize this and start to take accountability for our actions, acknowledge that we’re all doing what we want to do at every point in time, we can then let go of blame, & live more intentionally, with peace of mind & more self love!

Please understand that I UNDERSTAND and absolutely promote the fact that there are infinite options and paths one can take at any given moment. But for the sake of making a visceral point, & to emphasize the stark contrast of completely conflicting feelings that one can experience, I’ve shared what I’ve shared. Also, I’m an all or nothing kind of guy, so after evaluating a whole slew of options in each of the above micro, or macro topics, I not surprisingly have landed, for the most part, on the two options that were completely opposite, always however, allowing for exceptions to the rules and staying open to a change of heart.

Being completely present with yourself and making decisions can be really really hard, especially when permanence is involved. But we have to make decisions if we want to live intentionally. There are no wrong decisions, but there are many decisions that teach us life lessons which we can use to further grow and progress. I believe that making decisions will not ever produce regret, if one always focuses on positive optimism and & gratitude. What will produce regret is not making decisions and then waking up one day to realize life has passed you by and you are somewhere where you don’t want to be, in a situation you didn’t choose, and so far away from your ultimate potential. But it’s never too late. Don’t ever lose hope. It can always be DAY ONE after-all.

Being present is hard as fuck, but we all have the OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW OURSELVES on the daily, that we are absolutely up for the challenge!

With all the LOVE,

Swedish Dave


Do you want to know how I really feel about it?!!

We get ONE LIFE!








So GET STOKED god damn it! THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FUCKING LIFE!!! So SHOW YOURSELF WHAT THAT ACTUALLY MEANS TO YOU! Don’t just get started on working towards your goals- Attack them with a vengeance, like there’s no tomorrow! Don’t just walk up your mountain- Fucking SPRINT up it! How much can you level yourself up, body, mind, & soul, before your precious time is up?! Don’t just ask the question- SHOW YOURSELF! We can’t ever know if we’ll still be around a second from now, let alone whether or not there will even be a tomorrow; So MAKE THIS ONE, THIS DAY, COUNT!!!

Get out there and LIVE YOUR ONE BEAUTIFUL LIFE! But live it INTENTIONALLY, with FIRE, with PASSION, & with a heart full of GRATITUDE! You’ve been gifted this ONE PRICELESS CHANCE, so don’t squander it! However you have been living your life, guess what? There’s always room to grow, you can always get stronger, you can always learn more, you can always be more grateful, you can always live more intentionally, and you can always treat every single day you’re gifted as DAY ONE, THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!

LET’S KILL IT AT LIFE Y’ALL! It’s a choice, and I choose to live DAY ONE, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Join me!!!

<3 Swedish


I don’t talk a whole lot about my tattoos, and when I do it’s usually about how much I love them & my artists in general. But every now and then I’m prodded for more information, and however they’re worded all the questions can usually be boiled down to “what do they mean?”, and “do you regret any of them?”. So here’s the answer:

I regret none of them, and quite the contrary, I LOVE THEM ALL!! And they all “mean” something… Suuure! Even if the meaning of that one tattoo was that I was really drunk, picked something off the wall, pointed to my leg and said “put it there!”. On the other hand, if it was a “well thought out” sleeve that took years to create, what was behind all of that?? So so much, or perhaps so so little… Plenty of friend tats, spontaneous ink, & ink just for the sake of ink.

At the end of the day though, every drop of ink on my body tells a STORY, a story which some would call worthwhile & others worthless. Whichever is the case for you, I could still rattle your ears off for days about what’s going on on my body, but I shall spare you. I do however have one point to get across.

Life is too short for regrets! I believe if you wallow in regret, of the things you’ve done in your past, then you regret the person you are today. Because your collective past choices and life experiences have made what you are currently today! Think about that! I have, I do constantly, & I have no regrets! Don’t get me wrong, I have unlimited “learning experiences” under my belt, of things that I’ve done which I’m not proud of, but regretting them wouldn’t change the past, it would only poison my future. REGRET WON’T CHANGE THE PAST, IT WILL ONLY POISON YOUR PRESENT & FUTURE LIFE EXPERIENCE.

So whenever I go in for more ink, I’m never wondering if I may regret what I was about to get, in the future, even if I didn’t know what I was going to get yet! When you’re getting blasted, in that current moment, I would argue it’s exactly what you want. So enjoy that snapshot of who you were, for the rest of your life! There’s no productive use in regretting the beautiful permanent memories, & learning experiences that you give to yourself.

So let’s forget about that regret question- it’s not relevant. Let’s replace it with something productive like “did you learn anything from that experience?” And as for that skulls MEANING specifically, feel free to HMU if you wanna know!

With only Love, and no regret,

Swedish D


I’m very grateful, but I want so much more. I’m torn in 2, so what ‘should’ I do?

I talk a lot about the importance of being grateful, both for what’s in our lives, as well as for what’s happening in our lives. I talk about it a lot because I struggle with it myself, and quite often I might add!

Speaking in general terms, as I generally do, we want perfection, we want this or that goal to be attained now, we want more money, that new job or gig, we want to find “our person”, our people, our tribe, to not feel lonely, to thrive, to have confidence, to quit having to “fake it” because we’ve actually finally “made it”. And we WANT IT ALL NOW!

When we spiral down this thought pattern, and forget how important the journey is, despite the destination, is when remembering to be GRATEFUL helps to us to get back on track to a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Training ourselves & learning to automatically celebrate the little wins along the way, whilst of course being aware of the future, but PRESENT in our priceless moments, is pivotal to increased happiness and a sense of well-being.

So how do we do all of that? How do we stay positive & grateful when it feels like we’re being fucking torn in two?! Like, I’m super grateful for all the good in my life, but I’m super bent out of shape about all the shit I’m not cool with in my life!! So what’s the answer??

GRATITUDE is the answer!! And like every worthwhile character trait, it takes PRACTICE. PRACTICE makes permanent and it’s just a matter of staying CONSISTENT. Brainstorm tips and tricks of ways to remind yourself that there is always a positive way to look at even the most shitty of circumstances! And if you can’t, that’s OK. It’s OK to be sad, to feel those feelings, and to release them, but let’s not dwell on them! It’s not good for anyone, much less ourselves. Take the time you need to be bummed the fuck out and then pick yourself up! And try for sooner than later! You’re powerful af and YES YOU CAN!! AND GRATITUDE IS THE KEY, a key we each posses, to unlocking positivity and a whole new world of awesome and empowering possibilities. It’s just a matter of pulling that baby out and and sticking it where it counts!!

One final thought: THE GRASS IS GREENEST WHERE YOU WATER IT!!! Don’t ever forget that–> It’s one of the most EPIC LIFE HACKS!!!

If we practice consistent GRATITUDE, for where we are in our lives, & actually watered the ground we’re presently standing on, rather than continually searching for “something better”, can you even imagine the possibilities??!!! XD

Love ya’ll!

Swedish Dave


Here I am FOLLOWING the Leader on Island in the Sky – Snow Canyon State Park

There’s such a FOCUS ON being a leader these days. Look at the titles of all of those books. Listen to all of those podcasts. Watch all of those TED Talks. But come on now! If everyone was always doing the LEADING, AND nobody was following, then how the fuck would there even be any leaders??!! There wouldn’t be! And that’s because you can’t be a leader without a FOLLOWING. Period.

This is yet another perfect example of the DUALITY of the universe we live in. You can’t have something without having the potentiality of it’s opposite. So what’s my point, besides trying to shake things up and get people to think thoughts??!! I’d say it’s obvious: Accept the role of being a follower at times, and do it WITH A SMILE on your face! And when it’s your turn to be a leader then step into those fucking shoes! Just be present with yourself enough to know which role you would do the best to be practicing, at any & every given moment in time!

Lets all cease and desist all the shitting on being a follower. We have so much to LEARN from so many people on this BEAUTIFUL planet! Being a follower is AWESOME! Sure leading is dope too, but let’s take turns my friends. Besides, taking turns = teamwork, and together, as a team, we’ll all make it to the top, and way better off for it, because we’ll all be standing up there together!

TEAMWORK doesn’t seem work, and makes the DREAM work!! XD

P.s. I had the opportunity to lead the final pitch of the climb pictured above, and so after following 3 pitches, I accepted the role and owned that shit!

Happy New Weeks Day Y’all!!

With Love, Friendship, & the Best of Wishes,



Jammin’ in the wild! Music + Nature = True Bliss!!

I’m a firm believer in the absolute BEAUTY, healing, growth nurturing, supportive, perspective building and loving power of MOTHER NATURE! I believe in its power to calm, its boundless energy, its wonder, its comfort, its perseverance, its ability to help each of us open up our minds eyes to such broad and all encompassing views on life in general, and in specific. I believe in Mother Natures LOVE the most; and I LOVE her back!

I also believe in the POWER of MUSIC! Its BEAUTIFUL, all of it! And it’s amazing the kind of experiences you can create for yourself when you’re present enough to stack the odds in your favor and build yourself a “sandwich” of self care. In this case the top piece of bread is my brain, the bottom piece my heart, the toppings inside: Mother Nature & Music, among other things, obviously, and the sandwich as a whole, so completely nourishing my SOUL! I highly recommend taking a bite or two. But you’ve got to make your self care sandwich first!

Music is so therapeutic, and coupled with being out in nature whilst enjoying and even creating the music you’re hearing and sharing = Exponentially beneficial self love and care!

Here’s a pic of me attempting to play harmonica and guitar, at the same time, whilst basking in the delightful & overwhelming glory of Mother Nature herself! But please, allow me to continue to ramble..

I was looking over some of my past posts on the Gram, and found a little blurb I found relevant to this topic. So please enjoy, and comment if you feel the urge to!

WHAT is BEAUTY? Is it in the eye of the beholder, or is that bullshit? I personally believe that beauty can be found anywhere & everywhere- to me it’s a mindset. Am I looking at the world through a conditioned perspective, with the media & brainwashed people telling me what is and isn’t pretty?? Or am I staying TRUE to MYSELF, focusing daily on finding even the smallest morsel of beauty, in the depths of all the classified ugly. Life after all is what we make of it. PERSPECTIVE.

Perspective is everything! Perspective, which we all have the opportunity to control, dictates our world view. Why not chose to see the beauty?! The grass may be greener on the other side, but you’re HERE NOW! Be here intentionally and focus on what’s good- it’s so easy to point out the “ugly”, but it’s the hard things in life that are the things most worth doing! Also, lets not forget, THE GRASS IS THE GREENEST WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO WATER IT CONSISTENTLY!!!

Love yall! Happy July!!

<3 Swedish