Here I am FOLLOWING the Leader on Island in the Sky – Snow Canyon State Park

There’s such a FOCUS ON being a leader these days. Look at the titles of all of those books. Listen to all of those podcasts. Watch all of those TED Talks. But come on now! If everyone was always doing the LEADING, AND nobody was following, then how the fuck would there even be any leaders??!! There wouldn’t be! And that’s because you can’t be a leader without a FOLLOWING. Period.

This is yet another perfect example of the DUALITY of the universe we live in. You can’t have something without having the potentiality of it’s opposite. So what’s my point, besides trying to shake things up and get people to think thoughts??!! I’d say it’s obvious: Accept the role of being a follower at times, and do it WITH A SMILE on your face! And when it’s your turn to be a leader then step into those fucking shoes! Just be present with yourself enough to know which role you would do the best to be practicing, at any & every given moment in time!

Lets all cease and desist all the shitting on being a follower. We have so much to LEARN from so many people on this BEAUTIFUL planet! Being a follower is AWESOME! Sure leading is dope too, but let’s take turns my friends. Besides, taking turns = teamwork, and together, as a team, we’ll all make it to the top, and way better off for it, because we’ll all be standing up there together!

TEAMWORK doesn’t seem work, and makes the DREAM work!! XD

P.s. I had the opportunity to lead the final pitch of the climb pictured above, and so after following 3 pitches, I accepted the role and owned that shit!

Happy New Weeks Day Y’all!!

With Love, Friendship, & the Best of Wishes,



Jammin’ in the wild! Music + Nature = True Bliss!!

I’m a firm believer in the absolute BEAUTY, healing, growth nurturing, supportive, perspective building and loving power of MOTHER NATURE! I believe in its power to calm, its boundless energy, its wonder, its comfort, its perseverance, its ability to help each of us open up our minds eyes to such broad and all encompassing views on life in general, and in specific. I believe in Mother Natures LOVE the most; and I LOVE her back!

I also believe in the POWER of MUSIC! Its BEAUTIFUL, all of it! And it’s amazing the kind of experiences you can create for yourself when you’re present enough to stack the odds in your favor and build yourself a “sandwich” of self care. In this case the top piece of bread is my brain, the bottom piece my heart, the toppings inside: Mother Nature & Music, among other things, obviously, and the sandwich as a whole, so completely nourishing my SOUL! I highly recommend taking a bite or two. But you’ve got to make your self care sandwich first!

Music is so therapeutic, and coupled with being out in nature whilst enjoying and even creating the music you’re hearing and sharing = Exponentially beneficial self love and care!

Here’s a pic of me attempting to play harmonica and guitar, at the same time, whilst basking in the delightful & overwhelming glory of Mother Nature herself! But please, allow me to continue to ramble..

I was looking over some of my past posts on the Gram, and found a little blurb I found relevant to this topic. So please enjoy, and comment if you feel the urge to!

WHAT is BEAUTY? Is it in the eye of the beholder, or is that bullshit? I personally believe that beauty can be found anywhere & everywhere- to me it’s a mindset. Am I looking at the world through a conditioned perspective, with the media & brainwashed people telling me what is and isn’t pretty?? Or am I staying TRUE to MYSELF, focusing daily on finding even the smallest morsel of beauty, in the depths of all the classified ugly. Life after all is what we make of it. PERSPECTIVE.

Perspective is everything! Perspective, which we all have the opportunity to control, dictates our world view. Why not chose to see the beauty?! The grass may be greener on the other side, but you’re HERE NOW! Be here intentionally and focus on what’s good- it’s so easy to point out the “ugly”, but it’s the hard things in life that are the things most worth doing! Also, lets not forget, THE GRASS IS THE GREENEST WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO WATER IT CONSISTENTLY!!!

Love yall! Happy July!!

<3 Swedish


GET STOKED God Damn it! For all we know this only happens once!! (LIFE)

The most spectacular, amazing, and mindbogglingly AWESOME thing you get to experience is your actual LIFE! All of it! Your life is the most special of occasions, and It’s happening RIGHT NOW! In fact, it’s flying by right before your very eyes. What are you going to do before it’s over, who’s lives will you touch, and will you make the world a better place, because YOU LIVED, before you’re gone??!!

LIFE IS so SHORT y’all. It really is, which is why it’s such an epic tragedy when we find ourselves dwelling in a state of procrastination, stagnation, and lack of drive to seize and make the most of our absolutely priceless moments. Presently, science hasn’t provided us with the luxury of immortality, so the fact remains that we will all most likely die. It sounds depressing, but it’s really not. It’s BECAUSE of this very fact that LIFE IS SO VALUABLE! It is so valuable because it could end for any of us at any moment.

Last year 3 people close to me died. One from cancer. One from a surprise heart attack. One from suicide. They all passed away in different ways, but they all had some things in common. They were people that meant a lot to me, they were my friends, they were my family, I loved each of them, and they all reached out to me before their deaths. One reached out to hang out, one to talk and catch-up over the phone, and one to “grab a beer like them good ‘ol days”. But “I’m busy” I said, “I’m booked out”, “maybe next month we can figure something out”, I ASSUMED there was time. Two of the 3 beautiful people I’m talking about weren’t even sick. And the beautiful person that was, well she had time- The doctors even said so. So, I THOUGHT I had time, I thought I’d see them all again, and not just once, but many times before any of our lives ended, but I was wrong.

I didn’t get to see any of them before they died.

The sadness, depression, and absolute anguish I experienced because of these amazing humans tragic ends was made infinitely worse because of the guilt & shame I felt, for not making time for these people who meant so much to me. They each reached out to me and I was “too busy”. I’m not going to dwell on this- I’m sure you understand how I must have felt. So here is the positive spin on this, and there’s always a positive spin, with an optimistic mindset!

The positive spin is the title of this post. THE SPECIAL OCCASION is YOUR LIFE! The positive spin is this visceral reminder that time isn’t promised to any of us! We would all do well to keep this near to our hearts and at the forefront of our minds, to maximize our moments with our loved ones, to spend time with the people who uplift us and we them, and to always remember that prioritizing the truly important things in our lives is the way to live a life free from regret.

So next time you think a nice thing about someone you care about, give them a call- because who knows if you’ll ever have the chance to again. Life is too short to hold back, so get stoked and get out there and get others stoked too! For all we know we only have this one LIFE, so let’s MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Let’s make the most of it together, while we still can!!

Happy New Weeks Day!


<3 SD


MAKE or b r e a k ? ! !

If you’re not actively MAKING yourself, you’re actively BREAKING yourself. Period. Lets go just a little deeper. Short and Sweet, here it is:

Every decision you make is either furthering your personal progression, on your path towards realizing your most EPIC SELF, or it’s actively destroying it. Sure this sounds “all or nothing”, but that’s because it is! It’s absolutely black and white, night and day, and there is no grey in this discussion. Argue as you may but if you zoom out far enough, that blurry grey area, that “in between” you thought was a decision which wouldn’t affect you either way, actually does. EVERY SINGLE DECISION you make in life is either laying a brick down for the absolute powerhouse of a human you can be, that person you WANT to be, that person you are building when you’re ON IT, or it’s taking one away. And at times, you’re taking away way more than one.

So as you go about your days my friends, make sure to be PRESENT with yourself enough. Be PRESENT with yourself in all of your priceless moments, PRESENTenough to ask yourself if what you’re doing is actually MAKING or BREAKING you.


With Love,

Your Swedish <3


This guy, Devin Pearson, Co-Owner of REBEL HOUSE, is one inspiring cat!

Like attracts like. Say that out loud. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!! So look at who is in your life. Who are the people in your inner circle? Are they inspiring? Are they uplifting and supportive? Do they hold you to a higher standard than you even hold yourself? Do they help you to light the fire under your ass, to go after your goals like there’s no tomorrow??

If you’ve answered no to any of those questions then it’s not a circle your inside of, its a cage. And if you’ve found yourself in this situation, this is the perfect time to take a look at yourself. Why look at yourself when we’re talking about YOUR circle or cage? Because as stated earlier, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!! And you always GET WHAT YOU GIVE. Sooner or later, yes you will.

If you don’t want to be in a cage, if you want to be a part of an EPIC circle of awesome people in your life, then the best place to START is with yourself. Make the choice to be inspiring yourself! Be supportive and uplifting! Attack your goals with such fire and vengeance that no one can deny your drive! And don’t let any hick-ups or barriers get in your way! Fucking RAGE, and remember that this is the special occasion you’ve been waiting for to start realizing the ultimate you. It’s called your life and it’s happening right now. So choose to START maximizing your existence! START choosing to be inspiring! And do it now.

A final, however hard message is that part of building an absolutely awesome and life changing circle generally means letting some people go. It sounds brutal but if you think about it, it’s the truth. You can only be the most inspiring person in your life for so long, before you realize that the people you’re surrounding yourself with are actually holding you back from achieving your greatness. Replace them with people who don’t hold you down, but LIFT YOU UP instead! Now I’m not saying the absolute second someone is negative, uninspiring, or just going through a hard time, that you should cut them off. If that was the rule then the people in my circle would have cut me off long ago! But if it happens more than the opposite, it’s definitely something you have to consider. Thanks for reading! Now get to it!!!


Love ya!

<3 Swedish


Sometimes life wrecks you, but other times you wreck your life singlehandedly.. Sometimes you have misunderstandings so intense that coming completely unraveled is what results, despite your greatest efforts to maintain composure. Ftr, alcohol & drugs don’t help any of this. They make it way worse.

Acknowledging the truth of the matter is super important though, and it’s the first step to bouncing back. What the bounce back will look like, and what it will be, is something completely different from what and where you were before, but it’s always better, with the right mindset. No regrets ever. Never ever.

What’s the “right” mindset?? It’s growth oriented, positive, grateful, OPTIMISTIC, kind, truly forgiving and self loving. Now I understand we can’t always be in that kind of headspace, and trust me- I would know. And thats “fine”, because it’s more than okay to feel shitty af, especially when you are the only one to blame for your life being in shambles. But we always have the opportunity to step back, or rise up, to gather perspective and understand that we can feel our shitty fucking feelings, and it’s okay to do so, but we can also have HOPE of something better to come. That’s the right mindset. And sure, it doesn’t come easy my friends, but guess what? Practice makes permanent. It’s all a part of the beautiful JOURNEY.

Happy New Weeks Day y’all!

<3 SD