MAKE or b r e a k ? ! !

If you’re not actively MAKING yourself, you’re actively BREAKING yourself. Period. Lets go just a little deeper. Short and Sweet, here it is:

Every decision you make is either furthering your personal progression, on your path towards realizing your most EPIC SELF, or it’s actively destroying it. Sure this sounds “all or nothing”, but that’s because it is! It’s absolutely black and white, night and day, and there is no grey in this discussion. Argue as you may but if you zoom out far enough, that blurry grey area, that “in between” you thought was a decision which wouldn’t affect you either way, actually does. EVERY SINGLE DECISION you make in life is either laying a brick down for the absolute powerhouse of a human you can be, that person you WANT to be, that person you are building when you’re ON IT, or it’s taking one away. And at times, you’re taking away way more than one.

So as you go about your days my friends, make sure to be PRESENT with yourself enough. Be PRESENT with yourself in all of your priceless moments, PRESENTenough to ask yourself if what you’re doing is actually MAKING or BREAKING you.


With Love,

Your Swedish <3

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