– J U D G E – N O – O N E –

LET’S BE REAL. Guess what? We are ALL always REAL. When people call another human fake, it’s rude, and it’s simplifying super complex situations and usually otherwise beautiful beings. We can’t ever know what another person has been through, let alone what they’re currently going through. Not at all, not one bit! And even if you’ve heard their life story, from their very lips, everyone experiences things differently and everything affects everyone at different niveaus.

It isn’t fake when someone acts in a way outside of their “norm”, or the assumed norm, or YOUR norm. It’s actually a REAL person using a defense mechanism, saying things, and behaving in ways we like to label as “two faced”. But it’s because they are embarrassed, or ashamed, or in serious pain, OR, more than likely, a combination of ALL OF THE ABOVE. But they’re still themselves, they are real, but they are in distress and therefore acting in a way that doesn’t serve their ultimate purpose or real intentions.

So LET’S BE KIND TO PEOPLE OK?! Let’s GIVE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, let’s FORGIVE one another, let’s try harder to BE UNDERSTANDING, let’s realize most everyone is trying the best that they can. So let’s BE SOFT & KIND in our interactions with people who have hurt us. Hurt people hurt people, but I’m not saying that that is okay.

What I AM SAYING is just realize that judging people, making assumptions, thinking you “know” the whole situation, or what’s going on, is what’s actually fake. Because more than likely what you’ve fabricated in your brain is far from the truth.

Let’s all remember to be more soft & kind with one another, and especially with those who we don’t think “deserve” softness or kindness. Because just think about it- It’s those people who need softness, understanding & kindness the most y’all. ??

Peace and love, from me to you ✌️♥️

Swedish Dave

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